The truth about helping kids learn

Oliver Counting to 14As an ex-tutor / teacher I like to think I know a thing or two about helping children learn.  But when it comes to my own son, well, that’s a whole new adventure!  It can be difficult to teach your own children.

I had been wanting to teach my son Oliver who is 2 to count past 10 for a while now.   But he’s not been that interested.  He’s been saying 1-10 then random numbers including 17 and 99.

So what could I do?  All my training has taught me that it’s all about motivation, interest and enthusiasm + meaning (make it real).

“learning is all about motivation, interest and enthusiasm + meaning (make it real).”

The perfect opportunity arose when I went to the Pharmacy to get some new vitamin drops without suger syrup.

14 drops every morning!

Oliver loves watching the vitamin drops fall in his milk.  He’s motivated, interested and entusiastic about the whole experience.

And now he’s counting to 14 every morning.

Everyone needs a reason to learn – and our job as parents and teachers is to help children find their reasons to learn – no matter their age.

We also made an IKEA flat-pack storage system this weekend which involved lots of counting of bolts and dowels.  But also a hammer and a drill – so the counting went out of the window as you can imagine!

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