Thinking Dice

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Your child can develop higher order thinking and questioning skills with this great new Thinking Dice game!

Teaching children thinking Skills can make a world of difference; research shows that thinking skills are essential for effective learning.

Each set comprises of six large colour coded foam dice. Every dice has a question structure printed on each side. These are specifically designed to promote questioning and higher order thinking, at a specific level of Bloom’s revised taxonomy of thinking. These are: remembering and recalling information, understanding ideas and concepts, applying information, analysing information in order to explore and understand relationships, evaluating ideas, concepts and situations and creativity, making something new with the knowledge.

Thinking Dice can be easily adapted for a wide age range and a wide subject range.

The possibilities of developing children’s higher order thinking are endless!

Check out these articles and find out how to use the dice in your classroom:
Circle time, Lesson introductions, plenary and reflection
Assessment tool

Dice can be thrown, rolled and rotated in hand to be effective, they’re soft and won’t break or clatter noisily when dropped. Very versatile with any age group and any lesson. An essential component to the modern classroom


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