Emily’s Mum is making homework fun!

EmilyFairyGameHelen is Emily’s mum and she has had a superb idea!  It’s so simple and it’s going to be so effective for her 5 nearly 6 year old daughter Emily.  Helen bought a Fairy Maths Games Set for Emily because she thought she was struggling a bit with her maths.  Emily felt that she wasn’t doing as well as the other children in her class.

Helen’s superb idea is to play a maths game every night after doing her reading homework.  Emily has to read a page every night which takes her 5 minutes and now they play a fairy maths game straight after which also takes just 5 minutes or so.

It’s such a simple and effective way of getting regular practise at reading and maths.  It slots in nicely after reading and is no extra effort because everything is ready to play straight away.

Emily playing fairy maths games

Helen is a brilliant mum!  Taking the initiative to help Emily and rather clever about fitting it in with her reading time.

Oh and guess what?  Emily isn’t struggling with maths at all.  Emily wants to keep up with those who are best at maths in her class and wants to practise more to increase her speed and accuracy.

Emily using the number bond training card

Can you find 5 minutes of time to fit some maths in?  Games are ideal.

Number bonds to 10 game board


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