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Stuck in the ‘Counting Trap’?

‘The Counting Trap’ was first described by Professor Eddie Gray (Thompson’s ‘Teaching & Learning Early Number’ 1997).  It’s where children get stuck in an ever increasing struggle of counting to perform any maths operation.  All children can get stuck in this trap from time to time but it’s especially noticeable amongst children with short-term memory […]

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What can food teach us about memory?

I’m puzzled by the fact that our children go to school to learn and to do that they must remember what they are taught, yet many children are not taught how to remember – especially those with learning challenges.  We don’t ask children to read a book before we’ve taught them how to read, so […]

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Memory help for dyslexics

Every now and again I stumble across an amazing idea.  This stumble was a truly great one!      If you are, or know someone who is dyslexic, then you know that memory issues are often a big problem for them or you.  I have sourced a really useful pack of credit sized cards that can really help […]

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