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5 Reasons Games BOOST Learning + 3 WARNINGS

                  Well designed games for learning maths are so much fun – they don’t have to be computer games (contrary to popular belief), children love all games. Here’s why they BOOST learning: Games help children practice maths in a fun way which helps memory retention. Countless studies […]

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Explosive fun multiplication games!

These card games are suitable for children who having been learning tables for a while but just either keep forgetting them or can’t recall them quickly enough. The cards can be used with children who are just starting to learn but you will need to start with only a few cards, not the whole pack. […]

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Ruler Snake

  Having to come up with new ideas all the time is part of the fun of being a teacher! Today I came up with a snake game to help one of my pupils learn how to draw straight lines using a ruler.  Hand/ eye coordination, counting and fun involved in this game 🙂 Get […]

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