Hey Dude (or Diva) Lets Play Maths with dice games

Often games are seen as just that – a game and learning isn’t really happening.  But every now and then you’ll come across a game that is so good it’s better than any worksheet and especially so when the subject is mental arithmatic – you just don’t need paper for that! So what games am […]

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The best books for your dyslexic child

Boffin Boy is great to get boys and girls off to a flying start with reading, starting with a reading age of 6 years.  Bright and vibrant drawings in the popular manga style are what makes kids keen to pick these books up and speech bubble text enables them to read the books with a smile.   After […]

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Motivational Game To Encourage Reading

Many children who struggle with reading will enjoy this motivational method for reading with more accuracy. Often children will interpret the pictures to read the words and this can be useful.  However, if you’re looking for word for word accuracy this simple game is great fun?  It is especially suitable for young children who love […]

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