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Help yobetter thinking skillsur students improve their thinking skills.

Thinking is a skill you can learn and it helps significantly if you are in a relaxed mood.  Dyslexic children find it hard to think but especially hard to get their thoughts on paper.  So after your dyslexic children have done this technique – be ready with pen and paper to get their ideas down quick or better still a dictaphone.

This is very simple but surprisingly it does require some time, effort and practise to master it.  A whole lesson on the technique is a great starting point.

All you do is walk.  I know, it couldn’t be simpler.  However, there’s more.  Read on to see what I do to think and how you can adapt it to work for you in your learning environment.

You need some space to just walk.  I walk round the block where I live and as soon as I get home I’m bursting with ideas – I need to take a pen and paper on my next walk as I can easily forget them as I think of new ideas.

Why does walking work?  At the moment, scientists are not sure.  Here’s a study that was done on walking and it’s effect on creative thinking.

If you have room at your school to do this – inside in the corridors or hall (it doesn’t have to be outside) but for some fresh air the playground, you’ll see such a difference in the creativity and ideas of all your children – not just the dyslexic children.

P.S. If you don’t have room to walk, the Cross Crawl exercise from Brain Gym is equally effective and I have found it can give a calming and clear thinking effect too

Here’s a video about cross crawl:

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