Phonic Sounds


Product Description

350 Illustrated phonic sounds flash cards, download, print and start playing with your child right now!

Beautifully designed and illustrated by Christine Towndrow – dyslexia teacher, following the Alpha to Omega phonics strategy.

Download a free sample here

  • Dyslexia friendly cards with simple and clear font for reading
  • Eye-catching pictures
  • Colour-coded categories making the cards easier for you and your children to use i.e. Initial blends (green), Vowel Blends (orange) etc.
  • Part of the National Curriculum
  • Game suggestions and spelling activities
  • Includes at a glance list of all the phonic sounds in this set
  • Easy and quick to make

Set contains:

  • Alphabet (vowels in red, consonants in blue)
  • Initial blends (green)
  • Vowel Blends (orange)
  • Final blends (purple)
  • Further blends (as above, plus extra longer blends in brown)

Mix and match, print to suit your needs:
Each category of cards is organised in pages; pictures and letters (of key sound), picture only, and finally letters only.


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