finger counting

Is finger counting a GOOD IDEA?

YES! Of course it is – you know that because you probably still do it on occasion.  I certainly do and I know my sister does – we’re both pretty good at maths too. Finger counting is great to give children a one to one correspondence of numbers up to 10 or even 20 but […]

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games boost learning

5 Reasons Games BOOST Learning + 3 WARNINGS

                  Well designed games for learning maths are so much fun – they don’t have to be computer games (contrary to popular belief), children love all games. Here’s why they BOOST learning: Games help children practice maths in a fun way which helps memory retention. Countless studies […]

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counting trap

Stuck in the ‘Counting Trap’?

‘The Counting Trap’ was first described by Professor Eddie Gray (Thompson’s ‘Teaching & Learning Early Number’ 1997).  It’s where children get stuck in an ever increasing struggle of counting to perform any maths operation.  All children can get stuck in this trap from time to time but it’s especially noticeable amongst children with short-term memory […]

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5 reasons place value is difficult

5 Reasons Why Place Value is Difficult

Once you’ve learnt and understood place value and you use it frequently without thinking, it’s hard to put yourself in the shoes of someone who is struggling to understand it. Here are 5 reasons place value is difficult: Repeated Pattern The number symbols 0-9 are used repeatedly in different columns to mean different quantities. Single Words Two number symbols are […]

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better thinking skills

Better Thinking Step by Step

Help your students improve their thinking skills. Thinking is a skill you can learn and it helps significantly if you are in a relaxed mood.  Dyslexic children find it hard to think but especially hard to get their thoughts on paper.  So after your dyslexic children have done this technique – be ready with pen and […]

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Left or Right Confusingly Annoying!

This is my pet hate about being dyslexic.  I have to continually correct myself over left and right. You see, it just doesn’t stick. But I do have tricks that help me remember.  And that’s what’s important. For me, just looking left or right doesn’t help me, I don’t have that innate ability to just […]

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Oliver Counting to 14

The truth about helping kids learn

As an ex-tutor / teacher I like to think I know a thing or two about helping children learn.  But when it comes to my own son, well, that’s a whole new adventure!  It can be difficult to teach your own children. I had been wanting to teach my son Oliver who is 2 to […]

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Emily's Fairy Games Set

Emily’s Mum is making homework fun!

Helen is Emily’s mum and she has had a superb idea!  It’s so simple and it’s going to be so effective for her 5 nearly 6 year old daughter Emily.  Helen bought a Fairy Maths Games Set for Emily because she thought she was struggling a bit with her maths.  Emily felt that she wasn’t […]

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Number Bonds – Is it Glue? Understanding Number Bonds

Have you heard of the term Number Bonds? Sounds a bit like glue perhaps.  Sometimes they are called Number Facts, perhaps you’ve heard of these? Number Bonds or Number Facts mean all the different numbers that will add together to make the same number.  Here’s an example for number bonds to 10.  They are very […]

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Hampshire Wins! Business Recognition Awards

PRESS RELEASE Media information 02/04/2015 Southampton based Let Me Learn wins Product of the Year in the Networking Mummies Recognition Business Awards 2015 A Southampton‐based firm received Networking Mummies Product of the Year Award. On Saturday 28th March, Sue Kerrigan, owner of Let Me Learn, won the Product of the Year Award for her Football […]

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