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My name is Sue Kerrigan and I am the founder of Let Me Learn – learning resources for teachers and parents to help dyslexic and struggling children learn. I’m dyslexic and I’m a teacher.  I teach in a school part-time and I’m a private tutor teaching children with learning differences – just like me.  As for my own education I didn’t start excelling until I got to University as a mature student on a course that was very hands-on (multi-sensory).  I never read a single book (I dipped into a few but reading and comprehension are where my difficulties lie).  Mainly I asked a lot of questions and achieved a First Class Honours Degree.

I see time and time again that the best way for any child (or adult) to learn effectively is when they’re having fun. Education is essential for a fulfilled life and the process of gaining that education must be fun and enjoyable because that is the best and easiest way for anyone to learn.

So here at Let Me Learn I source  and produce my own resources for children to learn.  Repetition is so important for children with learning differences – they need to over learn essential skills for reading, writing and maths.  This is why are own products are all about ‘fun learning and repetition without boredom’Bulldog Letter Reversals, my first product is a classic example of this ethos,  just read the reviews :-)

The Let Me Learn shop has been created with your needs in mind, I test all the products before I put them in the shop to ensure that they will be fun for your children.  Many of the products I use myself with the children I teach.  I provide first hand detailed descriptions from my experience to help you make an informed choice.  My own products are tested by myself and by teachers and tutors across the UK.  I like to ensure that you are happy with your purchase and your children enjoy learning (that is why I offer an unconditional 14 day money back guarantee to allow you time to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase)

I have a blog where I share my experience, ideas and resources with you.  You can join my free fortnightly newsletter (plus get your free gift) to stay up to date with what I’m writing about on the blog and dyslexia and dyscalculia news.   I’m also on Facebook and Twitter.

I’m a Committee Member for Hampshire Dyslexia Association where I help raise awareness of dyslexia in Hampshire and The Isle of Wight.  I’m also about to undertake an epic adventure cycling 200miles (maybe more if I get lost!) on my bicycle raising funds and awareness of dyslexia on behalf of the British Dyslexia Association  you can read more about that here.

Please contact me if you have any queries or questions using the form below, by email: sue@letmelearn.co.uk or phone: 02380 660271.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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